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than a disease, and as having a strong analogy to epilepsy.

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number of species may be reduced, and a consistent arrange-

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Blood examination : A very few small forms without pigment.

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apothecary, besides consulting physicians and surgeons,

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an acute or chronic catarrh of the nasopharynx may now lower the resistance

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I then lay down on the lounge, and said: 'Will you take

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The objections to the various experiments above alluded to are based

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sessing only the additional symptom of cyclic albuminuria.

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supplied by the sympathetic nervous system, or by the cerebrospinal nervous aysUB.

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4. Its symptoms are the following : Sensation of displacement at the time of

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tion and inflammation of the cervix : it is especially useful if vaginitis be present.

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is general streptococcemia secondary to diphtheria, scarlet fever, small-

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be wondered at that men and women of undoubted genius sometimes

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