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The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland opened, on May Kjth, a
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ness. He considered that the operation should be repeated every six or
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Mr. Gary N. Calkins. After the organisms have been filtered
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College : T. L. Glanville. Charing Cross Hospital ; J. G. Glasgow
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tion of the extensor tendons was most likely the cause of the
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peritoneal cavity. Even if no visceral lesion be found, this
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there was no provision whatever to compensate him for this
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vaccination came into use, namely, Sweden. If Englishmen
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Peroival, Knottingley; Dr. E. Pringle, London ; Mr. W. Pogson, Sea-
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Hospital; W. Carnes. Leeds : C. N. Chadborn, St. George's Hos-
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Allowing for the vaccinated children 2s. 6d. each in respect