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pigs for the anaphylaxis reaction. The conclusion that hemoglobin

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I have said enough, I think, to show that the cough which

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violent gale, during which he slept undisturbed by the confusion

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is chill or evidence of the formation of pus, it is certainly bad surgerv to

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Independent of these cases, we presented two cases where

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entrance and exit of the sutures." This traction can be

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that in only a minority were the symptoms permanently relieved;

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end in tlie pool of lymph. Capillary attraction will cause the tube to

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143 deaths from diphtheria, and in the year 1894, 107 deaths ;

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with my own. Mr Shaw-Mackenzie^ states that in 2750

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during the treatment but are invited to follow every detail of its administration. The

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chemotherapeutic agents; and c) changes in plasma pro-

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of blood to the head," and ordered leaves of absence

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The posterior cerebral supplies especially the under surface of the

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blithering, o\'erwhelmed, white- coated globs of jelly. We

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of cases in which that mythomaniac element was extraordinarily developed.

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pneumonia has afterward been found correct ; in most of