on canine diseases. The administration of calomel, jalap, aloes,

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jects increased plasma digoxm concentrations approximately 20% Another

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have accurate diagnostic methods and specific reme-

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Da Costa found the leukocytes above 10,000 in 9. In the infec-

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two groups : in one the result is due to defects in the closure of

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taken as any proof of suicide ; because if this position be given to the fingers

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haps not neither," as the younger Mr. Weller would say. They

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happy conclusions regarding the use of sweetoil as are

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every twenty-four hours. He never had any toxic symptoms.

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defective in the same case, are often modified in character quite inde-

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Assistant Surgeon to the N. Y. Eye Infirmary, Microscopist to the Man-

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in great cities. We believe we are correct in saying that in no foreign town

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sponge can be taken advantage of without the danger. 'S ery little

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distribution of diseases, and has led to serious effects on various

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dog an abscess containing thick, yellowish white pus is formed and

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detached from the neck, and still remain in the acetabulum ;

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tigo is remarkable for the fact that the person experimented

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from one to four minutes, as happened in our experiments already

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Very few doctors, myself among the number, have any experience

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Testicular Extract. — An internal secretion by the testicles is

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methods — namely, recumbency and continuous extension by

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insure the highest possible certainty of complete removal of the disease in any

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great back sinew, moves. The nut and coflin bones form

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ma and vessels. They enlarge in proportion to the addition of new

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of connective tissue and the skin becomes thickened.

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The best means of preventing this very serious complication is the mainte-


12. The Complement Fixation Test in the Diagnosis of Tuber-

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omewhat modified by their growth in leather bottles, are alone

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with the annals of all military surgery. The vast material here accu-

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Immense Dose of Croton Oil taken without fatal Efl'ect 193

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i Application of various instruments, such as the microscope,

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Mode of Prevention. With the Occupations of 5.568 Males