1822 to 1889, the death-rate had been twenty-five per cent.
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infiltration added, the obstruction is increased, and may prove fatal by
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not been shown, but seems doubtful. Stober recounts an incident in
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septicaemia, in others less. In septicaemia the blood contains elements of putre-
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cardiac cycle when repair to its delicate structures is possible or probable.
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it is organized or permeated in all directions by vessels which take
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it cool. Diet, and take daily cooling drinks or medicine.
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be destroyed and it will be necessary to begin over again.
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its bifurcation. The air-passage was reduced at this point to
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loss of function rather than impaction, we will do well to recom-
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warrant for such belief. Persons and races that never
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of Rochester, presiding. Numerous and valuable papers were
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well as in the other state. Now that I know we cannot
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Left side : Sections made through the remaining 3 cm. of the tube
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cate of qualification allowing the holder to practise ;
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nently impaired. This occurred in 1882, and was the first operated
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They regard the endemic funiculitis to which attention has been directed by
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ments for entering upon this course of study are primarily a cash
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however, and the pain ceased after application of mustard
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generally useful even in institutions. Scopolamin and morphine
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with bone, situated precisely as in the present instance. Too
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with endothelium it would be clearly one from a lymphatic
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livestock sanitary control regulations, veterinary drug, biological,
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tained mistaken, and too frequently preposterous, notions regard-
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the number that are purulent or sero-purulent. There is no
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tionof apieceof sieelfrom an iris and lens by an iridectomy,
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On Friday evening, December 3, a specially convened