To attain this a closer study of the patient will reveal clearer
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epidemic of the year 1890 : in other words, that they all represent
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treasury nearly half -a-million of dollars in earnings, besides paying for
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The notes on the various minor complaints of infancy and
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lost of the more important recent additions to obstetric seierice. To the operation of gastro-
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Definition and Detection op Acidosis in Dubetbs Melli-
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symptoms of decided illness extended over about six months.
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twitching. The late Staff-Surgeon Marshall, who was head
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An important pathological question relates to the agency of the loed
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inch to the right of left nipple and three-fourths of an
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of weight and fulness, there was also added, a fleeting sensation
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itself is compatible, even when extreme, with many years of comfort-
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of frequency chancres were found on the breast and nipple, the buccal
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abscess was found in the region of the sigmoid flexure holding a pint
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last for the rich grass ihe^ afford with only the trouble of mpwing. Health
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curvature, experience has convinced me that jackets of whatever material
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intoxicated thirty minutes after the trouble in court —
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inflammation ; by lifting up the . uterus, and removing
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larynx — above the cords — of about 25 per cent. I ap-
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these don’t arise until after the first 2 to 3 days the long
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the diseases of the kidney as they ori^^nate in the primary
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showed latent malarial infection unaccompanied by clin-
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and these are invariably on the mother's "side. The disease is thus
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per cent.; those with poor scars 27 per cent.; average mortality in persons
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myelitis, and describe chronic transverse myelitis only as a spinal form
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members of the Society what is the largest dose of iodide of potassium
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tion of the hepatic flexure of the colon by an old adhesion
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is very restless ; has passed a very small solid motion ; does
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the hysterical patient with anorexia nervosa as rarely become insane as
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Transactions of the New Hampshire Medical Society at the One
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