effort should be made to relax the tissues and relieve the return circu-
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may be associated with injury, may occur spontaneously, because of
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the skin in discrete spots ; the vessels of the corium are dilated and tortu-
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Senile emphysema differs from the variety which has just been described
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the tissue changes may be directly influenced by relieving the pressure
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tapping the abdomen a serous fluid will be withdrawn in ascites ; in ovarian
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the lungs. Pericardial friction sounds may be increased in intensity by
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illness, resolution of the consolidated lung takes place, and a slow though
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hepatic ducts, sometimes lead to ulceration, and this ulcerative process is
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crease of five beats for every one degree rise of temperature. Tndeeil, in
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Sometimes the stronger antiseptic gargles, such as carbolic acid and the
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been epidemic. Epidemics have occurred at all seasons ; by far the greater
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discharges, and the latter do not have the- dysenteric odor which is so
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era], it is situated in the paracentral and postcentral lobules on either
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tinged with bile ; later it assumes the nature of black vomit, similar to that
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life were passed. One of the great objects of early physical training should
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astringents. They should be applied in the form of sprays. Of these,
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sisting of a room and dark bed-room), sickened of fever and died. In gradual succession, nearly every
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scribed grayish thickenings of the pleura or in the form of distinct papular
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Morbid Anatomy. — I shall only briefly consider the morbid anatomy of
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Physical Signs. — Inspection may reveal a globular tumor near the rectus
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has been the most troublesome symptom, disappears, and delirium comes
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then passing out tlie external abdominal ring. Under such circum-
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These should be looked for in any given case. When the compression
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patient, tracheotomy should be performed without delay, for it affords
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pleurisy, necrosis of the sternum, ribs, rupture of abscesses, etc. It occurs
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delirium tremens, and some of the other acute blood diseases, such as
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rectum, with ulceration, thickenings, and strictures. It may affect the
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line. It is almost the universal practice to use pins and sutures.
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diffuse or localized purulent infiltration of the tubercular and inflamma-
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either of these diseases there is always more or less danger ; if it occurs in
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may be heard over these masses. Tubercular peritonitis may have for ita
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Hygienic. — A patient sick with diphtheria should be kept in bed from
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Prognosis. — The prognosis is bad whenever caries of the spine has caused
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surgery of the urethra, cystic, tubercular, and cancerous disease of the kid-
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quiL'U'd by the internal adniiiiistration of l)rnini»lcof sodiiun oi Hulution of
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may be perfectly regular in rhythm while the patient is quiet, yet on slight
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tension of the inflammatory process from the aortic valves. It is a question if
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tids. There is neither fluctuation nor the " hydatid thrill."
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red, shining, and oedematous at some point over the hepatic region ; fluc-
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is a foul discharge and an ulcerated condition of the mucous membrane,
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A patient nuiy have fever, gradually become emaciated, and 6nally die
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The rapidly forming bed-sores which result from injury to the spinal
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extensively used to diminish hypertrophied tissues. It acts either by