above cited, hut they are very few, compared with the large
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ment or enfeeblement which is often noticed in the later stages
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dreams. 9. Enlargement of the liver and spleen, with dis-
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painful currents is to be discountenanced, and in no case should
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free agent, and is said to be eliminated as such; the Salicylic
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announced his discovery, that a specific bacillus was the primary cause of tuber-
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to coagulate, cork, pack and'mail as any other fraigle package. Atleast two C. C.
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while in Typhoid, it will generally shorten the remission, and
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a few days longer, but averaged about the same in the two cases and
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when tested with reddened litmus paper, it restores the blue tint. Heated, it
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initial deficits, the severity of which has been underesti-
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Reynolds, Gunnar Gundersen, MD, L. W. Schrank, MD, W. J. Petters, MD, Seefurth
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bable from th.e difiiculty of mistaking the fact ; as there must have
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does not occur because the disease is unilateral, but both organs may
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or Wine Bitters, for the dyspeptic and others who are
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Turner, J. P., Greensboro, Univ. of Md., 1896 1S97 1904
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selves to the question before us. The question i= v>hat answer
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of answering divers letters, and the cost of divers postage-stamps, envel-
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be quite simple, or may offer decided complications. The
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discontinued, the limit of assimilation was more than 14.5 gm. per kilo,
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American Journal stands without a rival. — London
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The subject of the biology of the microorganism of actinomycosis has
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fessors reply by recounting the effects of the endowments
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less, until he was informed that without such knowl-
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daughter of the late Dr. S. S. Neale, all of Kittanning.
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the antitoxin is first injected. There are, however, not a few cases
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digestive tract may aid in producing capillary bronchitis. Such
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