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Illustrations should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and the
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Second Operation. — On May 23, 1900, Dr. Kelly performed
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upon the nerves passing through the cavity of the pelvis, not rarely causes
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Died— In New York, Dr. Samuel Osborne, 61.— Dr. George Wartz, of Motris
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it cannot be opposed to the other fingers, but rests in persistent adduction
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delicacy of the investing membrane of the body in the lower
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to preserve the normal relation between the Dr. T. E. W. Brown thinks Dr. Wil-
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incoutinence, nystagmus, etc., are not infallible guides.
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dent, if the medical examiner was deposed, that there
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Histologically, the tumors resembled myxosarcoma and contained the
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100 to 250 c.c. of water, and they found the results unsatis-
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lower edge of the patella tuberosities and tubercle of the head of the
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fessions, and to the large number of persons who seek,
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break out, sometimes in large volume, along the foot of
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homogeneous, fii-m, inelastic, translucent substance similar in its composition
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late Dr. Gurdon Buck, in a monograph on iliac abscess, had ad-
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M. H. Alberty, Cherokee, Kans. — Put sows in a tight 8 by 10 house with fend-
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The Medical School of Paris greatly influenced the British student
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habitually exceeds his income ; a still greater degree by him who dissipates
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