ously affected cities. In Spain, the disease is thor-

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patients, said he was greatly in favour of it, and in private

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cases stimulants to the kidneys must be studiously avoided.

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In either event, he will forward the second copy of the requisition,

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head and limbs, wakefulness, loss of appetite, etc. The malady begins

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nature of the discharge somewhat, I would inject the iodine.

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in every case. Generally before the membrane perforates or

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triangular in shape, with its apex esrtending downward

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Examination — Temperature 101 degrees F. Occasional wheezy cough. Much

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Klebs-Loeffier bacillus was in all the cultures but one,

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and had the sampling been carried forward from this time it would prob-

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this valuable method into practice. The clinical reports of

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^, „ , ,., ., ,< The date of her former admission was

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perfectly described as of a doubtful character. Excluding these sixty-eight

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it may ana often does prevail, year after year, in certain hospitals, and

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the inflammation has extended. In short, the case has merged

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and paper, as used by many, is so much more convenient, and, with

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pill may be given at breakfast-time for eight successive days, after

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indicated by the different character of the bone, and a

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their Util. IG: 705-Hosp (A). (2) Ltr, SG to CG SOS,

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was shivering violently, with great anxiety > ,,^^^3^ f^om cancer of that organ ; and to-

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ditions, including family of origin, institutional involve-

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The various committees have done their work well, and I desire

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" Each drug, when tested upon the healthy organism, is capa-

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birth of the shoulders. The child died the same evening.

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The methods employed are not yet perfect, however, and the

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Russia: Odessa, May 11-20, cases, 1 death; St. Petersburg.

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it in the natural way in Boston at this period, eight hundred

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as Drs. Maragliano, Babes, Behring, and Paquin are working, at