nearly in the line which connects the two refting points that are
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transmissible from man to animals, and hence of an infective nature.
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as the horfe, the afs, the mule, the camel, and fome
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in the liver, but I cannot help thinking that the French school have much
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nized method of treatment of "septic" abscesses, that is, they should be
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A long railway journey, great mental worry or anxiety, great muscular
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to undergo colloid degeneration. Bright records cases in which they
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may be extremely fatty, but it never looks as though it were affected with
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lungs is frequently much less ill, and has better prospects of life, than when
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and a little soft. The abscess may contain several pints of pus, and I have
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Any graduate desirous of admission to the degree of Doctor of
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ent quantity to meet the demand. In diabetes mellitus the
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culous nodules spread over its surface; when acute, usually of small
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nor indeed has it yet reached a stable and universally accepted basis.
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their over-feeding themfelves ; for when nature is fa-
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Blond Tnni.sfii.'iiuH. Ilctndrrhatjr mid llie A iiciiiiu.s. liy JivAiTii.\M
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or after the head has entered the pelvic cavity. The factor that de-
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omena, which, after all, concern the fundamental sciences of physiology
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In the Middlesborough epidemic of pneumonia the period of incubation
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loft their fine Tap, have a tendency to putrefadlion,
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The disease in this form usually commences with the sudden onset of
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A series of plates is made, and the patient is instructed to partake of a
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hurry to take away blood ; but that this method is re-
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of water, together with mucin, extractives, albumin, fat, and inorganic
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There is often an accompanying hydrocele, which, as a rule, is not consider-
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Captaiu William V. Sinclair. .M.IJ.. lUll. lias been awardi'd
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applied in a spray form, after dissolving in parolein.
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four of which he found tubercles. In these cases tubercles were generally
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the patient is in a highly nervous state, and the physician can do much to
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of insanity. Ho fotind out what the patients were fondest of eat-
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Expectoration. — Profuse expectoration is a bad sign. The diminu-
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great discomfort after food, with referred pains in the chest, with irregular
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struggling; the infant becomes of a dusky colour, then the labouring