perhaps stoppage of the heart, and then murder liaving been

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total number of patients admitted during the year was 1,351,

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supported his view by the results of inoculation experiments,

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Petersen has been appointed to the equally new chair of

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Having in this manner provided ourselves with a pure cul-

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natural immunity. The recent teachings of bacteriology in

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ships at Long Reach. Fresh cases were reported during the week fromi

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partia'ly paralysed, but able to get about and do evei-ything for herself),

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Laparotomy. — Dr. Ramsay Smith showed specimens of Lyco-

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informed that the phenomena of a district infected from a

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Sur.;eon-Lieutenant-CoIonel G. \V. R. Hat, M.D., Bombay Establish-

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•said that no data were available for theorising with certainty

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that of the connective tissue and vessels which are destined

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with board and lodging. Applications to the Honorary Secretary

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" Perityphlitis, "Iwith Peritonitis : Absorption; Cure. Dr.

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1 increases the secretion of gastric acid juice, and indirectly tbe

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She made an easy recovery, and on making inquiries recently,

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If I might venture into the domain of theory, I would

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the patient was lying down. For some time past he had

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■that the author has himself made certain additions, so that

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laxity in giving a certificate of death was a most serious matter and a

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fered in the first instance. Partly on account of the illness

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member of the City Council, and attended a meeting of that

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curious information. Natural history specimens are not lack-

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palpable white powder, which our examination shows to pos-

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The diseases of the heart and vessels scarcely receive an

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average, and were equal to an annual rate of 6.4 per

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diet. It was pointed out that no general rule could be relied

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farther than to indicate that any deterioration in nutritive