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field afforded by the suprarenal preparations of the last three or four

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This is a rather chronic papular skin disease which is reported

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vision, which had gradually developed until I saw her in 1913, 34 years

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the skin in lupus. We all know that lupus presents itself primarily in the

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sion; within a half hour urine will be found in the bladder. In a few

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Academy, entitled “Fractures of the Skull,” was read on

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This is a symptom, too, that we find present in certain

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and gurgling, or their presence in comparatively a slight degree. The dusky

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Alopecia areata is successfully treated by the Finsen

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at the time thought to be successful, they have not been confimied.

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the frontal bone has resulted from surgical interference, followed by mening-

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symptoms of pregnancy, there is still room for dubiety in many cases. It

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You say the statement that the metric units are incon-

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which he has all his life been accustomed, but is sent to a

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habits and vices, and hence the climate seems to have more

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employed in its use^ and its superior power of excitation^ will

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which provoke late grave results. Such men should not be

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came increasingly pleasant while many of us traveled the

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made out on bimanual palpation, the indications for

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in June, 1911, followed by more or less constant discomfort in the right

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a reaJy ingress and shelter for all kinds of septic matter,

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the sole ox the foot of a man aged about forty years. It lay

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conclusion that it was possible to determine with precision

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hardly analogous to tetany. It is impossible to confuse tetany

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IIo daims that almost all stones consist originally of oxalate of lime,

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united at the same point, mingling their secretions in one and

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result of relieving the pain. October 21st, after an attack of tonic spasm of the