irritating to the tissues injections of his emulsion
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same cells, as large, the results have been uniform
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tles and becomes motionless. If preferred, the spe-
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sometimes belladonna is of value. For the rest, the
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tion in Surgery) ; Ogdensburgh, N. Y.. Medical Asso-
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Searle.— In Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday, October
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Henle and of the straight and collecting tubules were
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all calls after 6 p. m. J. C. H., care of New York Medical
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in the presence of chlorides, this is soluble in cold
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constitution of its deadly active principle, the alka-
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tory of the case is kept, the name, the number, the
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steerage passengers, is detained at Grosse Island Quaran-
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February 21, igo8 R gastric adenocarcinoma posterior gastroenterostomy.
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son, as they say : for they cast aside & will no more come
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Resolutions on the Death of Dr. Ransom. — The med-
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Allen. — In New York, on Tuesday, October 25th, Dr.
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of absence from August 22, 1910, on account of sick-
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the patient's resisting powers to such an extent that,
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plication of sedative, astringent, alterative, and pro-
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for inoculating the culture tube is taken through a
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pletely round and placed in the anterior, posterior,
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which are permissible while irrigation is going on.
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be demonstrated in diabetes and a diminution of its
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prophetic insight and brilliancy, by the celebrated
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"Storm" Supporter Co., of Pittsburg, 6606 Penn Ave.. B. B.
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strual blood. This source of danger and of strength
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series of experiments on dogs in studying the anaes-
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patients seen at the noon dispensary during the past
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Assistant Surgeon to the Hospital for Deformities and Joint Dis-
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them to a swelling wave of activity of the indefati-
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lateral extremities. The whole area was bathed with pus.
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the point in question will be reached in due course
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emollient qualities, although it certainly does con-
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were reported, making the total number of cases reported
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a hospital will be about $100,000. A reception hospital for
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is no doubt that they also were plague cases. These
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symptoms of concussion of the brain. Besides this he had a large
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anterior ciliary vessels there is a zone of circumcorneal redness,
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versity, etc. With 207 Text IllustratioriS. New York
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with CaJphnrnins Besiia killed two of his wiues lying
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of alcohol ingested is being increased, gradually de-
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position of the tube holding box best suited for the
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his face, to examine his mouth, I saw that he had a bruise
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