charge, and one of which I saw under the care of an-
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red cells by concentrating the blood. In the first few days
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England), to No. 6 Lower Berkeley Street, West ; Dr. Charles
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ing how to assist a physician who was completely paralyzed by polio,
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tuberculous joint disease, and forms tlie most important link in
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activity, it was customary for the physicians to prepare
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been an observation of himself (Dr. H.) made repeatedly to ascertain whether their
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extinction. The larger particles of platina (which crystal-
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looked up the subject — that gonorrhoeal synovitis or arthritis is very apt to be
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position. If they are kept in the order of education
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Houston Moore, for his many deeds of kindness and words of wisdom
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"trust," as they call it, is beneficial to mankind.
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culi cerebri, at the level below the emergence of the third
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tion except from the tumor pressing on the vagina. A full consultation was
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is a fibrous cord back of the urethra, where the corpus spongiosum ought
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lower edge of the patella tuberosities and tubercle of the head of the
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1960. Clader, Stanley C, 825-A Clenbrook Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa.
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Bennett, J. M. and Dutcher, T. F.: The cytochemistry of acute leukemia:
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Vialard, M. F. : Bull. gen. d. therapeutique, 1903, cxlv, 277.
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patients. 2 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report
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and cried constantly. Swelling of the left cheek and purulent discharge
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which is sometimes mistaken for a gangrene of the part. Gan-
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de l'uree et du chlorure de sodium, Jour, physiol. et pathol. gener., 1912, xiv, 753.
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The name, which is based upon, and suggestive of error, is so fixed