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acid, have occurred in my practice since the summer of 1847.
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commended by Hufeland in severe neurosis; by Winter and others
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Goodman has been our medical adviser for twenty or more years.
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of small quantities of lead, as in the case of house painters, those who
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ing. If a b^inning be made in infancy, the child can be trained to
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septic surgery; consequently the time is well spent; it is labor
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attacks, the heart is usually normal in rhythm and function.
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as a key to membership ; but a county society should look
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cation should be repeated as frequently as possible. Thus, spraying, gargling,
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in adoration, "God Save the Queen." their teacher. The wise Creator, when
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ulcer, one after a penetrating wound ; atrophic chorioiditis,
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Misericordiie liosijiial, 35 Merrion-s(iuare, Dublin.
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freshly- prepared chlorine-water every hour. I also
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been objected that if food be exhibited, indigestion and emesis must follow.
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sible, for his best care, and secondly for the pro-
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occur independently of other involvement of the intestines, but is more
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qualifications in order successfully to carry out the duties