constricting band. In one case wasting of the tongue. There was never a
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the gold coast, with 37.7 per cent.; Upper Senegal, with 21.31 per
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I have only had one case of sickness, and that trifling, and I have
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The divisional laboratory was reenforced from C. M. D. L. and an epi-
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tions from bowels. Urine clear and healthy looking. Pulse 96; continue
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habits and vices, and hence the climate seems to have more
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lesion, but will not ])revent or retard a relapse; in
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in which he gave the statistics of forty cases from pri-
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adults, owing to the more active processes of the body. Each mother
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better — so as to prevent the chance of rupture and general septic
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dverse reactions have been reported: nervousness, drowsiness, dizziness,
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estimated to occur between 1 in 8,000 and 1 in 80,000 deliv-
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Before tliis period I had received a letter from that able practitioner and
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efficiency of which may best be left to the imagination ; and last,
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tending the gut with air or water have failed to remove the
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of direct infection are much increased, to say nothing of the fact that at
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recent vaccination, or else to submit to vaccination before their
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births, and that she felt very much the same way as
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Made by solution with heat and moulded into ten suppositories contain-