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autopsy. If, however, amebiasis is properly treated
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cal, as in the male, the readiest and safest route is through
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inoculation of the conjunctiva by the fingers of the child soiled
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toms observed in cases of doublo hemiplegia appear to mo to confirm Dr.
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Fliigge has shown that butyric acid can be derived from lactic acid,
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the rate of thirty, forty, or fifty dollars a month, according to grade,
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rapid impairment of vision ; objects sometimes appearing distorted or as
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Instances of infection by innoculation have been ob-
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Leach; Mr. T. R. Wright; Dr. Kidd; Mr. Harnett; Mr. Mortimer;
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plasm " ; the not altogether essential elements, developed from and by
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the abdomen should not be opened for this operation. If the
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for the relief of the condition, it may be of interest to refer to
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cuses of the dominant party. It is mortifying to find that all this is
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Frugoni, C. : Studien uber das Blutserum der Tuberkuliisen und died Kxsudate drr
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are first conveniently rested upon the draining table, with the edges
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favored ; but, as a matter of fact, no person is so favored,
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ally discharged at short intervals, in small quantity and of
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in the back and limbs ; the pulse being, in those cases where
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thought that it was difficult to apply lateral traction by a splint, but in bed lateral
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after meals contains the largest quantity of sugar.
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tion through the sac may become re-established, and the aneurism
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647403; April 17. 1900.— Brown (J.R.) Obstetrical for-
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observed in any other portion of the abdominal viscera. The gall-blad-
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proposals would have been to stultify ourselves, since it appears
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teristic changes. In the mixed feeders they remain of
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render it more intense and generalised. In other cases the rash may
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prescriptions are either new or entirely unknown to any other class