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meat and eggs from the diet-list, when the patient has chronic
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Par., 1899, x, 681-684- — David (R.) Botulismus nach
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A tooth having been extracted, the symphysis is to be partially
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now takes one five-grain thyroid tabloid night and morning.
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573; Berlin, kiln. Wochenschr. 1894, 813; 1898, 11 ; Zcitschr. f. Gcb. u. Gyn., Bd. xxxii. p.
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active symptoms, will often promote their recovery; thus an
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Many ignorant women believe that a purulent discharge from
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as the result of exsecting the cicatricial mass, and fastened it in
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lished a new practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before
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an inch long, presenting no trace of inflammation, either
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gradual impairment of the general health, diminishing strength, fatigue
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they assembled at the hospital to make the final prepara-
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develop in any tissue. They have, however, occurred most
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evidently not located in physiologically associated areas.
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Physician. — ^The highest engaged in the Treatment of Acute Rheumatism
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I will now offer the few simple observations I have
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services at the New York Maternity Hospital and at the Xew
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epigastrium, and giving an opiate a few hours before the ex-
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Bnclitio (cn-clit'tcj. [Gr. iy<cA/mv to incline.]
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out local lesion in the seat of inoculation. Injection into the
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Hartford; Mary Durnin, Danbury Hospital, Danbury; Simon
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h, ileo-caecal valve ; i, vermiform appendix ; j, ascending colon ; k, transverse colon ; 1,
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this subject, detailing several cases, in one of whom pain
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of cancer tissue in masses accidentally detached gives reliable indication of the
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splint, the concavity of the radius is recognized as an indication for treat-