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an operation and died. Post-mortem done, and it showed an
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adenitis of the infecting chancre does not require any
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acute infectious diseases. Cases of "retention of urine for several
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of a very diti'erent character from the cases grouped under oidiomycosis
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plished through spiralces and tracheae, ramifying together with
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also does good in these chronic cases. Instillations once a week of a 1
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The first section is devoted to the consideration of the gene-
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vaccinae. — (See Appendix to the Third Eeport of the Commis-
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parts of each, mix ; rub well into the parts and take 10
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but of the subcutaneous tissue the skin being involved sec-
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latter country, have had the most serious epidemic of fever that
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precedented and astounding to the afflicted individual, and rendering him utterly
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experienced examiners ; and all these cost money. In order to edu-
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nitrate of silver, or, as has been demonstrated lately, simply to wash
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to the mother and so tell upon the intra-uterine nutrition of the foetus ; or,
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Martin, Lehigh county ; R. E. James, Northampton county ; G. F.
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blisters to the sides. Such measures will be especially applicable
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Pirlienot. Cas (i'hyp6rostose cranienne chez une femino
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but from the opposition offered to its performance ; for, pro-
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by the system, and free from the objections which are justly
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fore. There was an enlargement of the fingers, toes,
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ture and treatment of obesity, which he defined as a
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tion is checked by want of means of subsistence, and, there-
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ed under its roof, of whom two in every five died, while there was
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and although those studied terminated fatally, it is
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detached leaving the head in the skin to be cast off
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it may be considered as excessive if the acts of coition are repeated
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growth of the epithelial elements into the neighboring parts is through
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sifications may be made are not all regarded from the same point
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possible, and described according to a uniform plan.
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154. — The pot method of burning sulphur .... 999
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stretching of the short and contracted structures ; (5)
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or Algide Cliolera, p. >07.) Dr. Parkes, and Dr. Garrod, of
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operator's face. Giving this direction as part of the proceeding in
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this head medical practitioners should consult the practical works of
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Variolous ulcers result from the eruption in variola passing hoxa
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Cases CLXXII. and CLXXIII. — Muhder by Cutting the Throat.
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asleep under the action of drugs and sleeping naturally ?
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The condition of many of the organs and functions may
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abstract of 1 00-200 words and a list of references should
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was that of an officer, likewise serving in the East India Company's service, who
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