mistaken for appendicitis, it is not necessary for me now to
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were of the same character as the vesicles, which are rarely found in con-
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of insane patients suffering from a form of dysentery and also in material
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described before. The tube is then examined by strong transmitted hght to
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direct communication with Hamburg, remained free from cholera with the
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Morbidity. — In general about 40 per cent, of the population were attacked
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The degenerative changes in the epithelial cells in the primary lesions vary
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from yellow fever after recoA^ering from malaria, the inhabitants of the city
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autopsy there was a general peritonitis; early tj^Dhoid ulcers were found in
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As regards the cowpox, the probability is that this, in its specific form, is
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may be made during life or at autopsy by bacteriological findings.
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and tenesmus decrease. After a few days, remarkable improvement is
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1678, 1690, 1702, 1721, 1730, 1752, 1764, 1788," and 1792.
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a method available for routine clinical work, as it causes discomfort
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factory explanation. In the writer's opinion the material already before us
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exist as is reported by some writers in the immunization for streptococcus;
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hemorrhage from a simple gastric ulcer. Perforation of a typhoid ulcer
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found in a single drop estimating the total number in the
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chronic peritonitis may be found around the liver and spleen. On one
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by dead bacteria and the sterile products of bacteria. Thus Prudden and
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length of time, the Kernig sign gradually loses its intensity, and as conval-
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quickly ruptured and the lesions usually present tlae form of slight erosions.
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be sprinkled liberally with dusting powder; by its use the soiling of the bed-
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correct, but which at times are so much at variance with
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ileum depends upon the duration and severity of the attack. The upper
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the more likely its recurrence, and the greater the probability
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has adopted as the immunity unit the amount of antitoxin serum which will
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lysis, although rarely it may be by crisis as in two of this series (Fig. 3).
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albuminuria in thirty-seven per cent, of the persons ex-
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the combined action of the serum and the living white corpuscles. The
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"A probable diagnosis might be made if with the rapid increase of pneumonic
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tremely nervous, easily agitated, and, from his manner and
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In other cases one joint remains obstinately distended with fiuid, and here
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differences serve to distinguish the two types of dysentery bacilli, now recog-