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test the powers of the zinc ; and the result has fully confirmed the impres-
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In entering upon this new field of labor Dr.Lusk threw all the energy
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ico Vaginal Fistula. — It is now more than twenty-rive years
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Some cases will occur in which nothing will control the
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and the advancement of medical organizations, have been objects of
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doubt it will receive the cordial support and co-operation of every
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this connection we may be permitted to express our surprise, that
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expenses, and being pent up in a city at a season of the year most
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but without children, has been occasionally, since the year 1851, under
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faults of our system ; I would that those nobler schools which perpetuate
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douche to each of those places relieved him in about ten minutes,
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entered the mouth through the soft palate, and after-
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that a patient, thus furnished, would soon show improvement,
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of dislocation, presents some variations. In the dislocations on
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108 Difficult Labors and their Treatment. [February,
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One and pill morning, noon and evening. This plan of
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ulate the appetite, as common cold water would — either in
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more fullness of the pulse, the temperture of the extremi-
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agent than is usually accorded to it by the profession. The fol-
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without recurrence. As recurrence after that period of time is
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care is taken not to give too large doses, continuously. Yet there are in-
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ileo-cecal valve for three inches, so tightly wedged that consid-
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abdominal wall, and its cut edges grasped by the forceps. The
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with great rapidity ; this reacts again upon the circulation of the
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chord and consequent death of the fcetus, is in proportion to the
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The various functions of vegetable life are carried on un-
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A reference to statistics will be found, we apprehend, to confirm,
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tion, or a formula and it will be in a position to accomplish all the
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tion of blood, required from one to two weeks for the same purpose, and yet,
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the same results. October 8th : The head was tapped to eleven ounces.
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here, into the city, during the heat of summer, to complete the curri-
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under heart disease ; at all times they are anxious, nervous and
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and without a true pathology, there is neither safety nor certainty in
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hope that the work not only may find a place, ere long, in the library of
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of the Surgeon General's office, embracing a period of sixteen years,
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age, produces a great change in these cells; they consist (at the
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constituted as follows : — " A table ef weights and measures, rules for
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When the economy presents general symptoms of congestion,
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The different modes of treatment employed in the various forms
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months, faithfully persevering in the use of the remedies pre-