the subject of a paper to be read by Dr. Louis Wickham.
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2. Bartcls. Ueber Plattenepithelgesclnvulste der Hypo-
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that is a washing of the region of operation on the
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observers. It was noticed that direct application to
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in the long run, after many years of abuse, did al-
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and on the visiting staff are fourteen well known Phila-
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this case. The relaxation of the inferior recti was
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appear slowly. Spietshoff has obtained good results
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desire to thank Dr. R. Tomlinson. of Metlakbatla, Alaska, for his
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forms of disease, and the occurrence of other modi-
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contribution to the problem of immobilization and the comfort of
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the use of this gland in animals has an influence to
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pure carbolic acid, and then dusting on the follow-
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the upper end of the stopper, the wire in the lumen
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financial support have forced the Chicago Charity Hos-
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ficers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States
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fe-vcr, plague, and smallpox H'cre reported to the surgeon
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tympani a deep red color with the lustre absent, the
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move the disease. If the patient is operated on before
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different tribes, varied from about the size of the tonsure
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tend to kill chiefly by producing cardiac fibrillation.
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with a better brain circulation very scon the patient
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ing the case before the Grand Rapids Academy of Medi-
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part in the discus?ion bein<r Dr. Chnrles K. Mills. Dr. B.
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thought to resemble the one described, but differen-
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5. The Relations of Pernicious Aiinemia to Syphilis,
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the crust is allowed to form, and healing takes place
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tionsorgane. Mit 47 Abbildungen. Berlin : S. Karger,
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several centimetres in diameter. They show on their
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It is true that patients have had a higher pulse than
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An International Conference on Cholera Proposed. —
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policy of noninterference with the activities of those
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Principal characteristics of any climate : Altitude ;
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interests us in physiology and pathology. It is the
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ferent cases. No intestinal, bladder, or ocular dis-
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gained in flesh and in weight, has a good color, and has
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great deal of cooperation on the part of the patient.
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gut. Tincture of iodine was used in this case for steriliz-
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1. Arteriosclerosis with Report of Observations on Blootl
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more than a fair percentage of patients to the luna-
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rounding tissties ; and by their persistent vitality
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Given these two factors, it is natural that bleeding
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with a very peculiar heart afTection, probably con-
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California, a.nd detailed for temporary duty in the Bu-
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whereby tlicy may nialic a clear demonstration of their Art
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vestigate along these lines — investigate thoroughly
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Fig. V. Hodgen Anterior Thigh and Leg Splint Suspended from Balkan
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county the location of its proposed tuberculosis pavilion
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tom in this series of cases. Ghills are not common,
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as to grow fat again. I commend it as a Secret, and it
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ual pervert, the useless citizen, and the criminal are
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much needed rest. He has been connected with the Uni-
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