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depend the healthy performance of the physical functions.
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stiengthening diet, the patient should twice a day take half a glass of
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frottement, as a diagnostic sign of pericarditis, is entitled, that
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tion is made by the enlarged spleen and enlarged lymphatics, with the
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weekly examination. Additions have been made to his diet, but
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acquired syphilis is productive of serious organic lesions of the nervous
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their way into the general circulation in sufficient numbers
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duration, 3 years; severity, 1. [Three sittings; complete relief;
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called in consultation; found temperature, pulse, etc., as above. Vaginal exami-
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unilateral. From post-mortem examinations — i.e., when the infection has
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is by H. C. Chatfield-Taylor; "A Daughter of Folly,"
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be raised from the horizontal to the sitting posture, the anterior borders of the lungs
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strikingly as in the cutaneous integument ; its opacity, thickness, and