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Tests. — With mercuric salts potassium iodide gives a scarlet precipitate
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ful dreams, are among the first feelings of indisposition. These are
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hoarse cough, imperfect deglutition, frequent pulse, hectic ; \ti inflam-
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I tages accruing to them from the simple plan of advertising in those
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vomiting, according to the mode of practice recommended by Dr.
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<the last Thursday but one in the month) and continue thirteen weeks.
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on a higher or lower level, as may be required; in goitre situated low
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the influenza. Elderly persons, who, for years, had been accustomed
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a numbness and paralysis of the limb. In short, if venous blood is
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between the 6rst and second parturition. The accoucheur, Dr. Stone,
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The ri<rht lung was gangrenous through a considerable extent. This
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of the shoulders, which are well drawn back ; the elbows touch the sides, {b)
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Claudius as modified by Ahlfeld, according to which the twins are
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the liquid tissue (blood), from which the cells can obtain material to form
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tubercles have I found ulcerations of the epiglottis, larnyx, or trachea,
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Providence, R. I. ; Charles Hooker, M.D. New Haven, Ct ; T. O. H. Croswel,
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tween the fortieth and fiftieth year, and this cessation at once marks and
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only become manifest at the post-mortem examination, for the heart is
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depend on the passage of electricity in currents throu
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and the mercury escaped into the recesses of the ship ; at this period
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Med. Journal, March 1894. Simeon Snell. — Blue Books on Explosions in Mines, etc. Hal-
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there is more sickness, also an absence of the elevated temperature observed
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health. It is not any one plan, or any one particular remedy that call
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commences by giving a paragraphic description of the several modes
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impute to the use of said seeds the relief of numbers afflicted with the
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take place, or an abscess may form, which ends in a fistula.
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couraged — and if read, there is no fear of his being a loser by the enter-
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ter the gums had become tender, the pupil was fully dilated, and pre-