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course of time the latter becomes grimy with dust, and
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cases. As to closing the wound, I should have stated that in this case I removed
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The tongue is sometimes moist and coated, and sometimes dry and red-
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worth far more to us in such cases than any man's theory, for contact
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chinks, taking now this position and now that. It does
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their axis-cylinder processes, which are prolonged through the anterior
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anteriorly. Digital examination of the vault of the pharynx
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of local injections, would exert a marked influence in many such cases,
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with iodoform gauze. The best possible curet is the finger, but
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has been recorded during the year upon any of the farms,
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the employment of antiseptics on a large extent of surface.
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The sanitary committee had recommended that it should be
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after-treatment of such cases, in which formerly surgeons used to
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reimbursement items, your committee believes that it is desirable to prescribe in
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salt)— bottles of 100 and 500; Ttl-E-Dose® packages of 100; Prescription Paks of 50.
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-will burn." In another place, he says, M Those pits and mines which
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as to the nature of renal calculi. The so-called uric acid gravel is
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subject would have but little interest for pure natural philosophers.
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emphysema, bronchiectasis and chronic bronchitis. MU-
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congestion in the part that requires febrile action and time to
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fat, protein, and carbohydrate — of a number of representative foods.
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plained of swelling and cyanosis of hands, most marked in winter. Examina-
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treatment. The misunderstanding of the significance of the
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lost, yet the voice can be excited through reflex actions of the various
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1. English Language, including Grammar and Composition ; 'J. Arithmetic,
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with most satisfactory results. Cases have been published where
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dition. The knee-joint was disorganized. The medio-
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knife two days after the battle or longer, scarce one lived. It is truo
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and sometimes the whole, of the mucous membrane of the air-
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erers or manufacturers in the most boastful and preten-
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head and neck of the femur having entirely disappeared) within a space probably
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5.— See American Medicine, "Vol. V, No. 23, p. 894.
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class of cases under notice had stronger claims ; for not only did it abridge the
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oesophagus is characteristic. This fact is not mentioned
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restless and anxious, and his lips were slightly cyanosed, while
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