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riological Exposition," by Dr. Krai, of Prague ; " The /Etiology and
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beta-blockers or digitalis may result in additive effects on
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12. If a straight electro-magnet be placed inside a coil of insulated wii"e,
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patient to aim at some quiet, wholesome mode of life free from anxieties
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When rice or millets, maize or barley, are made use of, they
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many unvaccinated children vv^ith the hyposulphite, I am pre-
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with those of any co-existent diseases and forces them, as Rush has it,
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rare cases. Even with prolonged therapy with multiple drugs
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to attribute it to over-accumulation of blood within the ventricular cavities,
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admission to the hospital, with acute peritonitis. At the autopsy,
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As to the rating, in the great majority of cases the law estab
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without injuring their walls. They are so applied that their tips
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the condition of his eyes. One of these was Professor Graefe.
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within the last few years since the claim has been made by
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the mass, the meat should be plunged into boiling water. This quickly
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let of every month, each Partcontalning the weekly numbers of tho preceding month, stirrbed In >
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search Laboratories of Philadelphia; Consulting Pathologist
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upon the abdominal viscera. But, before dealing, as I intend to
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attenipted without success, and in the afternoon thirty-two
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that my effort in this direction may serve as a stimulus to others, so that in the
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W. MacCormac, M.D.ยป Surgeon to the Belfast General Hospital. Reprint
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Three inches of the clavicle was resected, and a por-
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In a few cases examination of the middle ear will elucidate
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which consists in the slow centrifugalising of warm diluted milk, to the
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fifteen to thirty minutes, with the following symptoms : The mouse at first
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and margin is moistened, to re-apply it more freely, till the
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irritation. Moreover, headache, vertigo and tinnitus are only exceptionally