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Clinic of Dr. Nellis B. Foster, Cornell Division, New York Hospital page

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First of all, we notice that it is osseous tissue which appears to

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The November meeting of the society was held at the college

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Wilcox, Aimee, Manual for Microscopic Diagnosis of Malaria

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tion of gelatin, heating in the oven at 55° to 60° C. for

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where there is a history of exposure, it may be difficult to come to

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103 o- 3. Dulness now existed, which was rapidly extending all over the

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esthesia. Cerebral meningitis is sometimes met w T ith in typhus fever, and

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D. is the optical density of the unknown, D* the density of the

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siderable number of cases. These organisms may sometimes be discovered

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anemia, there is e\'idence of an increased blood destruction.

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Nesslerized filtrate is compared with the standard in

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Before proceeding to point out the practical application of the

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slowly for 2 minutes more, then speed it up to its reg-

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e\idence of a lesion of the pyramidal tract or any part of its

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titrated with phenolphthalein, and to 1.004 with methyl

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with the reaction of equation (1) , is employed in the determination

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Picric acid may be remembered better perhaps if I call it a

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bate for 24 hours. Select colonies and interpret the results in ac-

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450 as at 500. Hence a difference of 5 millimicrons in

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solution delivered from a 25-ml burette. The 1.0 normal

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judicially determined in that country that she may be convicted

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continually irritated or hyperplastic connective tissue, the result of so-called

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the presence of bundle branch block. In this case, as in the

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hj^Dertension. Female patients with this disease usually appear

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of very similar type digitalis, theobromin, theophyllin, caffein^

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is a very fair illustration of the kind of patient and the sort of

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show that the contagious agent is on the surface of the mucous

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which heat and cold, electricity, etc., must be used. The self-

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tuberculosis by observing acid-fast stains of spreads

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selhoeft's paper. He does not understand that Hahnemann ever

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medical advice. The appetite was good. There had been no

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deep red, 0.35 ml of the 2-year solution was required to

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acid, and water nearly to the 50 ml mark. Mix thor-

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and Stevens'^ have described a remarkable curve showing