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in favour of each of the " heroic " remedies which were most

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that even this qualification will not soon be rendered altogether

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leal experience has demonstrated its superiority ?uns'p"res"?r?p\fo°nlt!'.'^.'.™.*.^'."°:'.".''!'.':'!; 1.2s

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usually fatal. It attacks horses, asses, mules, goats, dogs,

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to conium than to any other agent. Conium is a paralyser, but,

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Boner concludes from his investigations that the structure of ten-

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tion, a small perforation existed in the membrana tympani, below

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influences than in the state of health, or general constitution of

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A Book of Prescriptions : containing 2900 prescriptions, collected from the

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sympathetic, and whatever of physiological antagonism there is

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only to be hurried on by the effort which ease, gave perhaps a fuller account and

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dition of the smaller arteries and the capillaries; a condition

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The cut ends of the bronchi of the ventral lobes are fre-

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and water from the irrigation was directed into a flat vessel at

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regions were swollen and infiltrated with more or less bloody

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although chloral produced good sleep at first, and for a time while

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tion ; for although one may be habitually inverted and the other

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cholera occurred in the state of Ohio in 1833. It is presumed

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weak rapidly and died four days later, or ten days after admis-

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alcohol are produced. In subsequent papers he has shown that

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with a spreading exudate of a or yellow color. It is

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they do not possess the same value. In tion answering to the desired formula,

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vaccine is mild and harmless, but that the second vaccine,

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bers were no longer surprised at such statements. If they had heard the

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the physician is expected to contribute by establish a colony, later another colony and

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13. Str.auss. Sur un moyen diagnostique rapide de la morve.

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not do, I now got a grooved director beneath its end, and alter

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profession, and especially upon the young- your hands here in this great State of North