posed to reject entirely chemical and physical explanations of physiological
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internal strangulation is somewhat supported, if the patient has had a
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day. The temperature goes up to one hundred and one degrees, or
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Convent appear to have l^een in complete confusion. The immense
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their truth demonstrated by experiments upon animals or
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pharyngeal pyperaemia, not to mention gastric disturb-
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minims often promptly arrests the bleeding by causing an immediate fall in
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kiliiuarfB in British-Ostafiika. Arch. f. Schifls- u. Tro-
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intestinal tract. The first and second examinations were always
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was obviously unable to continue his studies, and left Edinburgh
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A big percentage of cases were secondary to measles and influenza.
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1884.] White, Dislocation of Tendon of Biceps Muscle. 21
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one not familiar with the disease, he appears to be on the point of death.
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and females are infected to the same extent, (c) Age. — The greatest infection
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vision is only relative, even when central colour vision is quite
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the uriniferous tubes by accumulated epithelium-casts of the
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diseases of each class being comprised in a separate chapter, an
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gives a glowing description of the beauties of the scenery,
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have provided her with no regular attendant, medicines,
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dietetic errors and the symptoms increase slowly but progressively.
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(hot applications to the loins, large amounts of water, alkaline diuretics,
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Pennsylvania; Instructor in Obstetrics, School of Medicine,
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one of retained testis associated with strangulated congenital hernia,
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" In every case there should be two test-tubes, containing equal quantities of
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sister states that it was first noticed at birth It is as
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med. Woch., 1896, 1175). Delusions and hallucinations are not far removed
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is one of inco-ordination, or whether it is simply an exhaustion of the
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Gradually, as they become more or less affected, the
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gents has been followed by the worst consequences ;
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and lies in contact with, a testis, which | worn a truss, on the supposition that it was
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bulletins, etc., which the bureau is glad to furnish free to any one
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that each person ingested from 10 to GO litres (quarts) of the water.
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such a lens can only be secured by the greatest exactness in the adjustments.
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form rather to the increased sensibility of medical and
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The capital significance of such an observation as the
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either a narrow or wide base. These are seen on any bone as
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blood to the kidney acts as the excitant of inflammatory or degenerative
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Our Criminal Problems from the Standpoint of Classification and
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