mation, or even after this has ceased — hence, perhaps, the variety

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Now, with the inhibitory nerve intact, it is apparently impossible to

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and upper part of his head. " Thus furnished with so many

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translated into English by Josuah Sylvester, with the

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even distinctly lilac hue. The papule may now be likened to a more or

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bottle, through whose cork passes a double tube ; that is, a tube

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Moody's Magazine of Medicine is the title of a neat journal, the

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steady reduction of infant and child mortality. This

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the open part. A few grains of the sulphate of zinc,

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times bright at first, soon acquires a brownish or fawn-colored tint.

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diminished, and it therefore was not calculated to occasion that amount of in-

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whatever, it means that a woman is worthy of a man's respect just so long as she

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were made into both breasts without any reaction. At the end of

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of iron is said to be futile. The views expressed are very much more

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sense of touch he was able to name every bone correctly, and tell its

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drawn into the lungs at every inspiratory movement; thus adding addi-

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the subjects of herpes are opulent, indolent, and luxurious, dilu-

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from the commencement of labour until the completion of the second stage),

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hours to two or three days. Dragging pains in the neck spread along

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in public asylums should be made compulsory by legal enactment,

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Fixation once accomplished abolishes the up and down

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were injected intraperitoneally. The temperature was 40.3°C. on the 6th day,

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Month. J. M. Sc., Lond. & Edinb., 1853, xvi, 526-541. Also,

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and the kidneys cirrhosed, and in the left hemisphere of the brain

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virtues of Bournemouth. To-day, however, its candid

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proteoses. This has been done by Chittenden, Mendel and Henderson. 11 They

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passage of a catheter, which, in cases of stricture, will

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improved if the peritoneal wound had been sewn up. The sta-

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may easily suppose, and your patient shuddering with the cold, lying in

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to be found, for instance, in America almost in the

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elbow there was one very large warty growth. He had taken