depopulated by its ravages. It was soon observed that the
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on the coagulation of these two kinds of blood when taken
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the two lamina to each other, are so likewise ; when it contracts
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an enormous body of information and statistics, which, having been
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Before discussing the plan of organization of state
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>Wi -J . ^^**«»Cheap and Inefficient Substitutes ^Vi
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of this Society, I felt that differences of opinion on
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in some disorder of the complicated nervous apparatus
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by WARD SEARS & CO., at iheir t'hcrnix establish-
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Primary Carcinoma of Liver.— Helvestine {Jour. Cancer Res., 1923,
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surface cold and covered with a profuse perspiration,
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exert a specific influence over the disease, as some have supposed. The
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These hallucinations appear to be common in children up to the age
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"The Revival of Witchcraft" is what Dr. Ernest Hart
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symptoms and manifestations of Tetanus, may continue throughout the disease without
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neurologists to enter the sphenoidal sinus with a burr drill
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usually well preserved and the cancerous growth invades it quite regu-
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Very few doctors, myself among the number, have any experience
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with typhoid, typhus, variola, measles, scarlatina,
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will be quite severe ; the headache, leg and backache will last for several
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that of the cholera vibrio, a mistake is easily made.
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pupil buying books. I have heard much regret expressed.
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from summer diarrhoea, m connection with milk or some of the most desirable
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poison of specific qualities reaches them, in that fever giving inlet to morbid matter to
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cries of the victims soon revealed the reality, and excessive confusion
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head and the first bone of the neck. They are, properly speak-
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by 10 c.c. until 100 c.c. were given on October 24. By October
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only able to insure the examination of one in every
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dilated pupik, great anxiety or drowsiness, and stupor, or there mav be
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tion, both in the determination of Poisons (organic and inorganic)
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As has already been mentioned in the Philadelphia Medi-
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labor. A rather small-sized boy was delivered after an
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The lungs were congested, but in other respects healthy.
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pea, and generally, when opened, discharged a puro-sanguineous fluid.
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between the broken bone and the lower end of the femur, producing com.
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proportion of hospital cases bronchial respiration is found when
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On January 14, 1894, the attacks had continued at intervals of from three to
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ment of consumption, Cod Liver Oil heads the list, for, as Dr. F. T. Roberts has
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SUPPLIED: 400 mg. scored tablets. Usual dose: 1 or 2 tablets t.i.d.
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cally. The idea of true reformation never reaches this system ; it is