said with the author of the Rambler — \*' I have seldom descended

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ting up, may we not suppose that syncope had something to do

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To any physician, unacquainted with the medicinal effect of Neurosine, we will mail

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extremely mild and almost trivial aftection. Difl'erent cases of the spora-

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required for the several tissues and for various secreted fluids. Moreover,

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including scrofulous ophthalmia, he had certainly seen much good

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about an hour and a half after the bite. No other means were

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the course and termination of diseases may be foreseen. It is often im-

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chanical obstruction, which neither these nor any therapeutical measures

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tached, it is ejected by acts of coughing from the air-passages, and, if the

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shows that the large intestine is involved. The invaginated portion may

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ory and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medi-

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considered as, at present, sub judice. Following Yirchow, the gray tu-

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Trifacial Neuralgia. Cervico-Occipital Neuralgia. Cervico-Brachial Neuralgia.

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March Ist I now took charge of the patient, and found

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whilst, at the same time, he was to inhale the vapor from a weak

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more or less inconvenience. The functions of the abdominal organs —

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class. An analj^sis of 600 cases by Brinton showed in 43 per cent, the

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For the accommodation of our Subscribers, we will supply both.

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lar3mgitis is associated with tuberculous disease of the lungs. The excep-

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ointment was now applied over the swollen and indurated parts,

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nection with acute articular rheumatism, and in a certain proportion of

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isthmus of the thyroid gland was so large and broad as to cover

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etc. ; when occasionably failure to produce sleep has

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stringy and not miscible with water ; it retains bubbles of air and conse-

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TXFLAMMATIOX of the mucous membrane of the small intestines is

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affections. From the fact, also, that it exerts a double tonic influence, and induces a

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women and old persons enfeebled by age and infirmities.

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of colic, which were generally relieved by vomiting. For a long

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it, we thought to write you to inquire if a favorable mention from us might not be

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This work fills a long-felt need in this department. — Buffalo Med. Surg. Jour.

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libations of cold water, intense moral emotions, w^ere supposed to produce

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Two Bottles sent to any Physician who will pay Express charges.

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a glass of water, to be repeated once after an inter%'al of

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the forehead and scalp, which were thickly covered with